Drainer Sheila

My passions and methods are to accommodate the weaker among you. I enjoy being the bitch Phone Sex queen I was born to be. I am intelligent and I expect My slaves to worship Me passionately and totally to spoil Me endlessly and to be attentive to My every want and need.

In return, you get to crawl behind the statuesque, beautiful, and passionately cruel Domme of your dreams...and....nightmares!! LOL!!

Do not be afraid. if you are new...

I enjoy playing softly and sensually too. I adore teaching new subs and slaves the joys of BDSM and introducing them to endless wonders.

A sure thing is that you will love me, adore me, fear me, hate me but crave and desire my attentions, be they cold, cruel punishment or erotic tease and denial only to be released when I desire it and in a way I demand.

But most of all you will serve and worship your Mistress in every way required.

There is nothing more submissive than you knowing that you are mine, so crawl to me and take your rightful place under my feet; Loving them, Licking them, Praising them. I want to hear you scream and beg for mercy and to know only I may choose if you may have it. You will trust me with your life, and in return I will train you into my perfect plaything, submissive or slave doesn't matter, in what form you are , just that you belong to me.

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