Elison Courtney

Hi boys! I am a 30 something cheating housewife who happens to have a very understanding husband. He knows I need more cock than he can provide, so he doesn’t mind when I go out once in a while to score some extra dick. So, big boy, what do you think? do you have a nice stiff one for me to suck and milk dry? We can enjoy any type of fantasy, your heart desires all night long!

I am a no limits phone sex kind of slut. I want it all and I want it now! While you are looking me over, checking me out, let the nastiest thought enter your mind. That is what you should call me up for. Don’t second guess yourself, don’t take a moment to decide if it seems like itis just too taboo,well guess what, no it isn't not for this girl. Just pick up that phone and let’s get nasty with it!!

Let me entice you

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