Milfey Mom Jaydee

Redheads Have More Fun

Who gives a fuck about blondes?! Redheads are the ones that have more fun! Redheads know how to suck and take your cock better!

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Once you feel it on your cock, you'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven! It's so hot! I've gotten the name "Big Red" by the way Naughty Phone Sex with me makes your body feel. It becomes all hot inside as if we were in a sauna together.

I want to boil your cock with sexy phone fun until it goes over the top with sizzling, gushing cum.

I'm a hot bitch with a hot pussy. I want to burn you with it and teach you a valuable lesson. I guess your mama never warned you not to play with fire. I'll do her a favor and show you what happens when you do. If you pick up the phone and call me, you'll get burned! Cum and strike a match with me! Nothing in the world can put out this fire! Just a naughty reminder, 911 won't be able to save you either! Keep that in mind when you're dialing!

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